#90 – Wojciech Grzędziński

8 lipca 2021, Author: Szymon Kasolik

Wojciech Grzędziński – mówi, że dobrego fotoreportera poznaje się po dobrych… butach. Znakomity fotograf reporter, zdobywca Grand Press Photo, World Press Photo i wielu innych prestiżowych konkursów. Jego kadry z terenów wojennych wbijają w ziemię. Trudna, ważna i potrzebna fotografia.


Fot. Michał Warda 

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Daily life of Ukrainian soldiers from 54th brygade, 1st batalion, 1st company, based and fighting in the Luganskoye village aera. Soldiers are based in couple of abandoned houses and in tranches outside the village. on picture: Ukrainian soldier fires back after recognising DNR (Donieck National Republic) fighter trying to overrun his position. Behind trenches is the frontline 13th of July 2016, photo by Wojciech Grzedzinski


After Smolensk plane crash in April 2010 and sudden death of Polish President Lech Kaczynski amongst 95 other people including president’s wife and many Polish politicians, Mr. Bronislaw Komorowski was elected a new president of Republic of Poland in early elections (May 2010).
For almost five years of his presidency Mr. Komorowski was highly trusted by the Polish society with 70% support in polls.
Just six months before the election one of the leading Polish publicists Adam Michnik had said that Komorowski wouldn’t be reelected only if he had killed a pregnant nun passing the pedestrian crossing while driving drunk.
After aggressive presidential campaign Komorowski surprisingly lost the election and a right wing populist Law and Justice party candidate Andrzej Duda was sworn a new President of Poland.
In February 2011 I was offered to be a presidential photographer and accepted the job. For four years and the half not only had I been an official photographer of polish President, but also I had worked on a story about a man working as a president.
on photo:

Portraits of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Law and Justice ruling party leader, taken during press conference. 13th of March 2017 Warsaw, Poland. Photo by Wojciech Grzedzinski
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